15 Minute Beef & Broccoli

4 portions



total time


▪1lb/.5kg beef flank steak or sirloin

▪5g or 1t soy sauce

▪5g or 1t shao-hsing chinese cooking wine (sub with dry sherry or white wine)

▪10g or 2 1/4t sesame oil

▪2g or .5t sugar

▪2g or 3/4t corn starch

▪2g or .5t baking soda

▪350g/12oz broccolini or broccoli cut into small pieces

▪¼ large white onion, sliced

▪10g/3-5 cloves garlic, grated

▪10g or 1-1.5Tbsp ginger, grated

▪Stir fry sauce (see recipe below)

▪Cornstarch slurry (3g/1teas corn starch mixed with 30-40g water/couple of Tbsp)

▪High smokepoint oil (canola, peanut, etc)


Cut steak with the grain into 3 2.5”/6-7cm wide strips. Turn each strip 90 degrees and slice thinly on a bias. Pieces should be approx 1”x ⅛”x2” (2.5x.3x5cm).

Place sliced meat in a colander and rinse well with water.

Place rinsed and drained meat in a bowl and add soy sauce, cooking wine, sesame oil, sugar, corn starch, and baking soda. Mix well to coat.

NOTE: I use a seasoned 12” carbon steel wok which is recommended for the high heat of this recipe, but if you don’t have one, use a large cast iron or 12-14” nonstick at a lower temp (450F/230C).

Place pan over high heat to preheat to at least 550F/285C (mine was over 600F). Add a squeeze of oil around the outside of the wok. Add half of the marinated beef. Stir and toss to coat with the oil, moving it around/tossing often. Do this for about 60-90 sec or until browned and cooked about 80-90% through.

Transfer beef to a bowl, add another squeeze of oil followed by second half of raw/marinated beef to wok. Cook, stirring and tossing frequently for 60-90 sec.

Transfer to cooked beef bowl. Return wok to high heat. Add splash of water and wet towel with tongs to remove any stuck-on beef gunk from pan. Add squirt of oil followed by half of broccolini and half of onions. Stir and toss to cook for 60-90sec or until charred around the edges and are tender but still snappy.

Transfer to bowl with cooked beef. Return wok to high heat, add squeeze of oil and the rest of the broccolini and onions, cook for 60-90 sec. Add garlic and ginger, moving/stirring constantly. Add previously stirfried beef and veg. Toss to combine for about 15-20 sec.

Add stirfry sauce (recipe above) around inside edges of wok. Add 2-3 spoons of cornstarch mixture. Toss and stir together to combine. Serve with rice.


4 portions



total time
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