Frequently Asked Questions

How did you decide to build Umami?

I started building Umami as a personal project to help my family and friends share recipes with each other. As more people started using Umami, I added new features like Grocery Lists and Meal Plans to make it even easier to collaborate. I'm excited that so many people have found Umami helpful, and I hope it makes it easier for you to share and manage recipes too!

How do subscriptions work?

The iOS app is free to use for the first 30 days and after that you'll need a subscription in order to continue adding new content to the app, such as recipes, grocery lists and meal plans. If you do not have a subscription after the free trial period, you will be able to view and export recipes that have already been added, but you will not be able to add new content.

Umami offers three types of purchases: monthly subscription, annual subscription, and lifetime purchase. If you have an active subscription, you may add up to 5 family members to your subscription so that they can use the app with their own accounts. As long as your subscription is active, they will not need to purchase their own subscription.

Pricing information is available in the “Settings” tab of the iOS app. Exact prices vary slightly depending on local currency.

Can I share my subscription?

Yes, if you have an active subscription, you may add up to 5 family members to your subscription. They may create their own accounts and use Umami as part of your subscription.

How do I backup my data?

You may export your data at any time by tapping "Account" > "Export all recipe books" in the app to create personal backups.

Will there be an Android version?

Yes! I'm currently working on building an Android version of the app. If you'd like to be a Beta participant, please email to be notified when the Beta is ready.

Where can I send my ideas, suggestions and feature requests?

I love hearing suggestions and feedback. Please feel free to email any requests to

What should I do if I find an issue or need help with my account?

Please email with a description and I'll look into it.