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whole wheat loaf




total time



1510 grams whole-wheat flour

1008 grams water

81 grams extra-virgin olive oil

75 grams honey

30 grams fine sea salt

300 grams ripe levain

Rolled oats, for topping (optional)

Butter or olive oil, for greasing

Night before:

45g starter

150 g flour

150g water


Mix the dough (9:00 a.m. the next day)


To the bowl of a stand mixer itted with the dough hook attachment, add the 681 grams all-purpose flour, 832 grams whole-wheat flour and the 1008grams water. 81 grams olive oil. 75 grams honey. 30 grams salt, and the ripe levain. Set the mixer to low speed and mix until all the ingredients are combined and no dry bits of flour remain. Turn the mixer up to medium-low and mix for 5 to 6 minutes, until the dough clumps around the dough hook.

Transfer the dough to another large bowl or container for bulk fermentation.

Bulk ferment the dough (9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.)

Cover the dough with a reusable airtight cover or plastic wrap and let it rise at warm room temperature

(76°F/24°C) for a total of 3 hours. Set a timer for 30 minutes and let the dough rest, covered. After 30 minutes. give the dough its first set of stretches and folds. During this time, you'll give the dough two sets of "stretches and folds" (see next step for explanation) to give it additional strength. The first set is performed 30 minutes after the start of bulk fermentation

Preshape the dough (12:30 ∞.m.)

At the end of bulk fermentation. the douah should have risen in the container look puffy and perhaps have a bubble or two on the surface If the dough still feels tight or dense, give it another 15 minutes to rest and check again. Once the dough is ready,gently scrape it out to a clean work surtace using a bowl scraper. Then. using a bench scraper in one hand and the other wet or floured. gently form the dough into a loose round. This preshaping will help set the stage for final shaping. Let the dough rest uncovered for 35 minuItes

Shape the dough (1:05 p.m.) Pull and fold, then roll to fit the pan.

Proof the dough at a warm temperature (74°F to 76°F/23°C to 24°C is ideal) for about 1½ hours. The dough is ready to bake when you poke it and it springs back very slowly. If there is any

Bake the loaf (3:00 p.m.)

It's necessary to steam vour over when baking this loaf. | like to use a small baking pan filled with ice

oven to heat along with the oven will work. Once vou place your dough into the oven to bake, set the oven to 425°F (220°C)

When the oven is heated. slide the loaf pan into the oven as directed above Bake for 20 minutes with steam. Then remove the steaming pan and reduce the oven tammerature to 375F 190°C bake for an additional 25 minutes




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