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Umami Recipes

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Split Pea Soup




total time


1 cup split peas

1 yellow onion

2 carrots

2-3 tbsp pearl barley

1 tbsp soup powder


Wash peas in strainer and put in large pot with lots of water

Remove foam and stir

Dice onion and sauté

Peel carrot, chop into big pieces and sauté with onion until golden and translucent

Add soup powder

Add 1 cup water and cook till carrot softens

Keep stirring peas until fully soft

Add salt and pepper

Take soft carrot out with tongs or fork

Pour onion soup into pea pot

Turn off heat and use immersion blender to purée

Turn on heat and add barley

Stir till softened

When almost fully soft, chop carrots into rings and add to soup




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