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Pasta salad




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1 box colored spiral pasta

1-2 cans olives, sliced

1 small summer sausage

1 purple onion chopped

1 jar Napolean brand marinated artichoke hearts

8oz or more sharp cheddar cheese cubed

shredded parmesean cheese to taste

partial bottle of kraft zesty italian dressing

2 dry packets Good Seasons zesty italian dressing mix

balsalmic vinegar for dressing recipe


1. Boil the pasta according to package directions for al dente (best because it will sit in the marinade)

2. While pasta is cooking, chop up everything else.

3. Drain pasta and add a dash or 2 of olive oil and some salt and pepper. Just a little to season, not a ton of seaoning yet. Let it cool almost completely before adding anything else.

4. Mix in all solid things with pasta in a giant bowl. Mix up one of the packets of dressing according to the directions on the packet but use the artichoke oil as your oil.

5. Pour on half of this dressing you just made and about 1/3 of the bottle of Kraft dressing. Then sprinkle the other packet of dry mix all over as well and mix everything up!

6. Refrigerate at least 30 minutes before adding any more liquid. I really like the taste of balsalmic, so i often shake extra on by itself after it has time to sit.


*you can also add other stuff depending on your likes. I have tried and liked:

-pepperoni slices cut into 4ths

-sliced pepperoncinis

-chopped small broccoli bits

-chopped up red bell pepper

-halved cherry tomatoes( caution though, only do enough for the bowl youre eating. Dont add to the whole salad because they get wierd the next day)

-chopped cucumber




total time
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