Paleo Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry {Whole30, Keto}

6 servings


30 minutes

total time


1 ½ lbs flank steak (thinly sliced against the grain)

Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

1 tablespoon coconut aminos

2 teaspoons arrowroot flour or tapioca

2 tablespoons olive oil (divided)

7 cups broccoli florets (about 1 large stalk)

6 tablespoons coconut aminos

1 tablespoon sesame oil

6 tablespoons broth or water

1 tablespoon rice vinegar (or apple cider vinegar)

2 teaspoons arrowroot flour (or tapioca flour)

3 scallions (white and green parts separated, white part thinly sliced)

4 cloves garlic (minced or grated)

1 teaspoon fresh ginger (grated)

Green part of the scallions (thinly sliced)

Toasted sesame seeds

Sautéed cauliflower rice to serve over


Place the sliced beef in a large bowl, season all over with sea salt and black pepper and toss with with the 1 tablespoon coconut aminos. Cover and allow to marinate while you prep the other ingredients.

I like to blanch the broccoli in the microwave because it saves time and avoids overcooking. Place the florets in a microwavable bowl and microwave on high for 2 minutes, stir and heat again for another minute or until they are slightly tender, then set aside.

In a separate bowl, whisk together the first 5 sauce ingredients. Toss the marinated beef with the 2 teaspoons arrowroot to coat. Heat a large, preferably nonstick skillet over medium high heat and add 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Once the oil is hot, add the beef in a single layer to fry - I did this in 2 batches. Allow it to cook about 60-90 seconds on each side, then remove to a plate and set aside. Repeat with remaining beef as needed.

Add the second tablespoon of olive oil and lower the heat to medium. Cook the white parts of the scallions with the garlic and ginger for about 1 minute, then give the sauce a whisk and add it to the skillet, whisking to combine.

Add in the cooked beef and broccoli and stir to coat with the sauce, which should be thickened. Remove from heat and serve garnished with thinly sliced scallions and toasted sesame seeds. Enjoy!


Serving Size



276 kcal

Total Fat

13 g

Saturated Fat

3 g

Unsaturated Fat

9 g

Trans Fat



68 mg


482 mg

Total Carbohydrate

12 g

Dietary Fiber

2 g

Total Sugars

1 g


27 g

6 servings


30 minutes

total time
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