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Josh's Quinoa Salad



25 minutes

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total time


2 cup dry quinoa

4 cups chicken bone broth (one box. Homemade best but box good)


Black pep

Paprika (spicy)


Garlic powder, a lot (more than u think)

Celery seed, a medium amount (or skip, or replace with coriander)

Italian seasoning, red type

MSG, medium amount (healthy pinch. Taste to make sure you don’t over do it)

Red wine vinegar, good helping or two (stiff pour)

Red onion, 1x whole, diced

1x red bell pep

8-12oz cherry tomatoes, flavorful, quartered. (1x whole box)

1/4 block Costco Coastal Cheddar in small cubes (or sharp white cheddar)

Celery if you want, not too much

Cilantro, 1x bunch, chopped up

Chives or Green onions. Dried chives are fine. Can rehydrate.

Fresh garlic, finely chopped. 3x cloves good to start.


1. Toast quinoa in pot a bit (high heat) before adding broth. Do not blacken.

2. Add broth. Bring to rolling boil, unconvered.

3. Cover. Drop to simmer for 15 mins. Stirring occasionally.

4. Remove from heat and open. Fluff with fork.

5. Transfer to bowl to cool. Just down till easy to handle & won’t melt cheese. Still warm is good.

6. Add all chopped ingredients and spices.

7. Add red vinegar. Do not skip.

8. Necessary to use acid to cut the heartiness of the Chicken Broth + MSG.

9. Serve warm or cold. Makes enough to save.

Do NOT use onion powder. It ruins it.



25 minutes

active time


total time
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