Umami Recipes
Umami Recipes

Ganesh Cookbook

Thari Kanji




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1 ½ tsp Ghee

3 Shallot finely chopped

10 Cashews

2 ½ cup Milk

1 cup Water

⅓ cup Sugar

½ tsp Salt

⅓ cup Rava

¼ tap Cardamom Powder


In a pot, heat ghee and sauté shallots.

Then add cashews and roast both of them until both starts to turn brown.

Add milk and mix well.

Add water, sugar and salt and continue to mix.

Allow milk to boil.

Once milk boiled, reduce heat to low and slowly add rava.

Continue stirring without stopping while adding rava.

Then cook rava in medium heat with constant stir until the milk start to boil again.

Add cardamom powder and stir to mix well.

Remove from heat and ready to serve.


Do not stop stirring when adding rava else lumps may get formed.

Add rava little bit at a time to avoid any lumps.

Do not roast roasted rava.




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