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Lemon Sole with Sancho Pepper and Squash Kimchi




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1 white scallop squash (or any soft-skin variety of squash)

4 spring onions (scallions)

50g (2oz.) flaky sea salt

3½ tbsp shop-bought kimchi marinade

1 lemon sole, gutted

1½ ibsp good-quality olive oil vegetable oil

Sancho pepper

salt and freshly ground black pepper

Sake-Mirin Spray (page 23)


The kimchi pickles take up to s hours to pickle and can be rade one day in

shaped alices and place in a mixing bowl. Clean the spring onions (callone), removing the frest outer layer, and tin eithere miln cut into four equal paces

and cut each piece in half again, then add to the mixing, bowl and spend a ten

Place a plate on top of the squash and weigh it down with something heary,

Leave to cure for 3 hours, but return to it every 0 minutes to turn; after a hours

the Natuld should have run out of the aquac anould be tenderse of the bowl Drain

the colander and taste the vegetables, They eh. Mix in the kirout not too saty

they're very salty, sinse in cold water if needed. Mix in the kirchl marinade and place in an artight container, these will last for up to a week in the fridge

Start the robata gril (page 12) Idealy serve this dith later in the real, as the coals should not be too hot and are best after 1 hour, or the fish will cook too fact

On the darker skin side, sit the fish 4-5 times, about sm (/an.) deep. Rub the fish In the olve oll and season with salt and pepper. Place a wire rack over the robata. and brush one half of the rack with vegetable ol, then place the lemon sole white side down. Gril for 4-5 minutes until it starts taking on colour. Brush the other part of the wire rack with vegetable oil and brush the skin of the lemmon sole an additional time too, then using a large spatula, flick over the fish, ready to gril the skin side, using the sake-mirin spray to control the flames. Grill the skin side for 8-10 minutes, until the flesh is cooked to the core; a skewer inserted into the centre of the fish will be hot to the touch when the fish is cooked through Gently run the spatula in between the wire rack and the fish, lifting the fish off the robata carefully so as not to tear the crispy skin.

Transfer to a large serving dish, sprinkle with Sancho pepper and serve with kimchi pickles and additional pickles such as the Kappa Pickles (page 203) and Pickled Baby Turnips (page 125).




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