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Piri Piri Chicken Authentic Portuguese




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1 Chicken (butterflied or in pieces)

• For the sauce:

• 4 peri peri chilis (any chili will work*)

• 2 garlic clove

• 1 teaspoon of paprika

• 1/2 Red bell pepper

• Olive oil (virgin) or vegetable oil

• Salt, to taste

• Juice from 1 lemon

• Handful of coriander (or parsley)

*The stronger you go on the scollville scale

when you choose chilis, the hotter the

sauce will be. You can always reduce the

number of chilis


Open the chilis and clean the seeds. Chop the garlics and cut the bell

pepper.Put eveything on a mixer (blender). Cover roughly 90% of the ingredients with the oil.

• Chop the coriander and mix it together with the rest. Add the paprika powder

as long as seasoning it with salt. Squeeze the lemon. When you have everything

blend it until you get a smooth sauce.

• Pre heat your oven to 180 celsius or 350 Fahrenheit

• Season the chicken with salt (the larger the pieces the more salt you can

season it) and pan fry the chicken to get a bit of golden crust on the skin.

• Put the pan fryed chicken on a oven suitable recipient, and using a kitchen

brush and baste the meat with the sauce. Leave some to top off the cooked

chicken (it’s a very refreshing touch on the chicken!)

• Put the chicken into the oven. If you re using a big chicken you can always

cook it covered in aluminium foil for the first 30 minutes. After that you can

remove the aluminium foil to get a nice crisp look. Cooking time depends on the

amount of chicken cooking, but never less than 45 minutes (unless you re doing

just breasts).

• Put it on a serving tray, put some fresh peri peri sauce on top and enjoy!




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