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Shredded Chipotle Beef




total time


~3 Ib chuck roast



garlic powder

1-2 tbsp of ghee

2 bay leaves

(Braising Liquid; Blend all ingredients together)

--1.5-2 cups beef broth

- -2-4 chipotles in adobo sauce

- -1-2 tbsp of adobo sauce

--2 tbsp of minced garlic

- -2 tbsp of apple cidar vinegar

- Juice of a lime

- ~2 tbsp cumin

- - 2 tbsp mexican oregano

- - 1 tbsp onion powder

- - 1 tbsp garlic powder

- ~ 1/2 tbsp salt

- - 1/2 tbsp pepper



1. Prepare the braising liquid and set aside.

2. Pat Chuck roast dry and season heavily On all sides with salt, pepper and garlic powder. Sear in ghee or oil of choice on a large skillet for 3-4 min per side on medium-high heat.

4. Pour a layer of the liquid at the bottom of the crockpot then add in the chuck roast, rest of the liquid and bag leaves. Cook on high for 4-6 hours until tender and start to falls apart.

5. Remove and let cool for a few minutes then shred it up.

Add some of the broth over top.

6. Serve it with whatever you want!



The more chipotles and adobo sauce you add, the spicier it will be. I personally don't like it to hot so I only added 3. Also, regular oregano works fine.




total time
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