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The best choco chips and Nutella Filled sweet buns

6 servings


35 minutes

active time

3 hours

total time


270 grams bread flour

170 grams all purpose flour

150 ml water

70 grams sugar

2 eggs

15 grams fresh yeast

40 grams soft butter

150 grams chocolate chips

200 Grams Nutella

1 egg


1)First step, Eggs

Let’s make this super delicious sweet nutella buns. First of all you wanna beat two eggs and add the granulated sugar on it. You want to whisk super fast so the sugar doesn’t cook the eggs (we dont want scrambled eggs here please)

2)Second step, yeast

Now you want to add water and the fresh yeast. If you are using active dry yeast you have the instructions for the yeast at the beginning of the post! Sift the bread flour and all purpose flour,

3)Third step, kneading

You want to make sure to knead this dough for 15 good minutes, you can use a Stand mixer if you have one, using the dough hook attachment on medium speed. If you dont have one you need to know that it may take you a little longer, dont stress out, this dough is super sticky and it has to be that way, dont add extra flour please, please.

Now after 15 minutes add soft butter and keep kneading for about 5 to 10 more extra minutes.

4)Forth step, first proof

this is what the Dough should look like, you can see that its still sticky but super elastic and beautiful hehe.

Allow the dough to proof for 1h and 30 minutes, you want to make sure this step is made in a warm place, the dough needs to be warm:) and it also needs to be covered, use plastic wrap or damp paper. Whatever works the best for you, even a towel.

5)Fifth step, chocolate paradise

You can see how to dough has grown so much (keep in mind that if after 1h and 30 minutes its not that big you can leave it 20 extra minutes). It’s time to add the chocolate Chips, use as many as you’d like. Remember that we are adding Nutella later so we don’t want to use that many chips

6)Sixth step, sections

Now you want to weight the dough or not idk, this is just if you want them to be the exact same size, and then /the number of sweet buns you want. We did 6 sections that you want to roll out into balls.

7)Seventh step, Nutella Nutella

It’s time to add Nutella, use as many as you want, we are not making some healthy dessert so don’t worry you don’t even have to weight it okays but as you can see we are using a lot, we didn’t weight it so we are gonna put an approximate number in the ingredients. Now you want to close it and pinch the edges so the Nutella doesn’t scape while baking.

8)Eight step, second proof

now you want to put all the buns in a baking pan, keep a distance between them because they’re gonna grow so much, so if you feel like you have a small baking pan and you can only out 3 then do 3 in one and 3 on another one. Make sure to cover with plastic wrap and allow to proof in a warm place for 30 more minutes.

Beat one egg and paint the whole bun with a brush. Cover entirely, well you don’t have to cover the chocolate chips lol.

9)Ninth step, baking

You want to bake the buns at 200 C or 392 F for about 25 minutes approximately, you have to keep an eye on your oven you will know they’re ready when they start to get brown like on the pictures if you feel like they’re ready before that take them out of your oven and if you need more time its fine, all oven works different and what could be 25 minutes for me could also be 30 for you! We don’t want no raw dough.




Serving Size



697 kcal

Total Fat

26 g

Saturated Fat

18 g

Unsaturated Fat

3 g

Trans Fat

0.2 g


96 mg


91 mg

Total Carbohydrate

103 g

Dietary Fiber

4 g

Total Sugars

44 g


13 g

6 servings


35 minutes

active time

3 hours

total time
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