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7C Quick & Easy Econ Dog + Greek Yogurt




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203g Brown Rice, Long Grain, raw

217g White Rice, Long Grain, raw

454g Chicken, raw

56g Chopped Spinach

113g Canned Pumpkin

226g Broccoli cuts

226g Green Bean (3“ or less)

1068g Water

29g Innovet Hemp & Salmon

31g Chefpaw Dietary Supplement

105g Honey, raw

170g Greek Yogurt, plain, nonfat


Spray non-Stick cooking spray onto mixing blade.

Add 203g brown rice

Add 217g white rice

Add 454g chicken

Add 56g spinach

Add 113g pumpkin

Add 226g broccoli

Add 226g green beans

Add 1068g water

Select P01 and start.

When the cooking cycle is complete, prep heat-sensitive ingredients.

Add 29g Innovet

Add 31g Chefpaw

Add 105g Honey

Add 170g Greek yogurt

Turn off Chefpaw and use spatula to manually mix until powder is dissolved.

Divide and place in fridge.


As of 3/18

Aria gets 261g breakfast 262g dinner

Cassel gets 446.8g breakfast 446.7g dinner

Leona gets 272.3g breakfast 272.2g




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